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Soooo cool! Great work!

Beautifully done! I loved it.

YouTube can’t hang. I used to love this one!

HAHA this is so classic

Saw this for the first time when I was 11, and I here I am now almost 20 years old, still singing this song to myself and remembering the "i like trains!" part. Truly a legendary piece of work.

Sweet lord...

My childhood memories, SHATTERED. Aside from that, the movie was short and funny enough to keep me laughing. I'll give you that fo sho.

e-lord responds:

Oh shit! Man, it's been a while. We should talk some time.


Excellent job with this, especially for a first submission. You made even the simplest of graphics and animation look professional, and it all worked extremely well with the plot! Everything looked great.

If I could make a suggestion, I would carry on using this red stick character in a series of animations, maybe with him using his insane powers to be first in line at a bank or other general situations. I applaud you and your talent with this cartoon.

It's animations like these that make me want to start making movies again. I just never get around to it as much as I want to.



Yeeeeaaahhhh. Kind of a retarded storyline, even for your first flash. And I don't really see what Chrono Trigger has to do with pie, if even remotely anything. Look at some more tutorials, get some more help, then submit again. I dunno if this is gonna get passed judgement...


It was epic. Only problem is that MINE WASNT IN IT :(.

TechFinch? TechFlash? Whoa.....

I liked it. The whole idea of getting mad over the DSi made me laugh, and that nerdy guy who's like "no! put that down!" was pretty funny too. Nice job with this!


TechFinch responds:

Woah, haha. Thanks for your review. Poor Henry. :P

Laugh as much as you breathe, and always love as long as you live.

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