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you SHOULD be proud of this, it was a very funny movie, great job! Your best work yet!

not too bad

But you should probably stick to claymation instead, you have a REAL talent in that.


Another great one Knox! Keep it up!

Very Cool!

I like the way you added the action figure guy jumping from one table to another, how on Earth did you do that?


You know what? You are a really talented clay animator! You made up your own characters, you made a hilarious storyline, and have good lip-syncing animations! I see good things for you in the future. Good work!

So, so, true

Oh my friggen God, this music video really speaks the truth! All the following people you mentioned in the song really do gotta get the hell outta here! Great work Dustball!

Needs work

Next time, try thinking of better storylines, and using a better program. And i'll try not to be mean about this, but it looks like you stole my characters, they have black and white eyes that never blink, and they are in the form of blobs with legs and arms. Try thinking of new character ideas! Maybe write out a design for one on a notepad, then try your best to sculpt it, and you'll do great! And also, about that program your using, it looks like you may have used movie maker on this, try using smoother programs, like Anasazi, you can get a link to it in both of my claymation tutorials.
Good luck!


ClayWay responds:

let me tell you a lil something your your characters are different colors. your characters have lil bumps on the body thingy whateva. your characters have small eyes. and your character don't move there feet to walk.plus your characters AREN'T AS FUNNY AS MINE!!!!!

Way to take revenge, guys!

Cool, your right, it was about time to get back at illwillpress for making such crappy foamy movies, whats the date of when it got blammed? I wanna see it's wonderfully put body in the obituaries.

Aww man!

It sucks that this didn't make front page! Because It was freaking AWESOME! If there is ever a part 4, i'm looking forward to it!

Greatly Made.

I can tell that you are a very talented clay animator! Your animation is smooth, you have your own style, and your movies have good quality! I can't wait for even more clay submissions from you! Good luck!


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