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Great one, Blak! Very funny, the claymen when they transormed into hideous creatures were VERY well made too! And thanks for mentioning my new movie too! "My claymen don't urinate"= best line in the entire movie.


BlakTornado responds:

Thanks :)


pretty funny, but very short. And did you really make this cartoon for Nickelodeon? Thats awesome!

great one, and woops!

Sorry about writing my review on my friend's account, i'm at his house right now and he forgot to log out! But anyway, great movie!

mattuiop responds:



I don't want to blam it

it's too good to be blammed :)!


hilarious, I cracked up when I saw that the first clayman turned into a plane. I also like your new intro music as well, it's not as catchy as the old but it's still cool! Heh, you're a double decker bus. I also noticed the increase in words like fine fellow and old bean and stuff. Was that for the sake of comedy? Because it added extra humour to it! Keep up the great work! This one also inspired me to make a new short! Thanks!


BlakTornado responds:

Thank you for your review!

The intro music for this short isn't sticking, lol. Back in late 2006, I made a cover of the "Transfomers" Theme Song (Kinda) because I used to watch repeats of the show on TV in the morning before school (I had nothing better to do :P) and I decided to cover the song (Because I liked it). That's why I used it at the start of this movie (Just like I used "Teenagers" by My Chemical Romance at the beginning of my last short) :)

The words "Old Bean", etc. were only added in when I was recording the lines as I don't think you guys have Double Decker Buses in America? Anyway, since it was a Red London bus, I attempted to give the clayman a cockney accent. More will be explained in the (kinda) second part.

And I'm glad I inspired you. You make excellent movies! :)


I give this a 10/10, you seem like you really worked hard on this and it turned out REALLY well. The graphics were good, the animation was SMOOOOOOOOOOOTH as ever, and the fight scenes were great too!


Funny, thats what my face looked like when was excited for the redesign to come out. Great short, man!


ToonCastleTV responds:

I hear ya!

great but..

where was mine? You told me over email that you were planning to inclue mine in it. I was hyped up to see my movie in a collab for nothing I guess :(.

TomFulp responds:

I feel really really bad about this because I wanted to be as inclusive as possible... I ended up with two stop motion entries and both were a lot bigger filesize-wise than I would like and didn't quite fit the flow, despite my hopes that the mixed-media would be cool.


The part where the kid masturbates to the hentai and then after 5 seconds tgoes to check NG was hilarious but true! You all did an amazing job!

oh the greatness

words cannot display how insanely awesome and original this flash was. You are, without a doubt, animation God. Make more movies JUST like this!

Laugh as much as you breathe, and always love as long as you live.

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