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Beautifully done! I loved it.

Sweet lord...

My childhood memories, SHATTERED. Aside from that, the movie was short and funny enough to keep me laughing. I'll give you that fo sho.

e-lord responds:

Oh shit! Man, it's been a while. We should talk some time.

TechFinch? TechFlash? Whoa.....

I liked it. The whole idea of getting mad over the DSi made me laugh, and that nerdy guy who's like "no! put that down!" was pretty funny too. Nice job with this!


TechFinch responds:

Woah, haha. Thanks for your review. Poor Henry. :P

Wow, excellent work!

Seriously, that was great! This is exactly the kind of thing I want to make. I actually find this sort of art in animation appealing, because often it makes up for a lack of storyline, and this is a great example of a good storyline and great humor! Once I start making cartoons rather than clay stuff I'll have to mention you in my first good one because this really inspired me.

Excellent job, totally deserves the front page and daily 3rd. You're an awesome animator, man. Keep it up!


LinkXRetro responds:

really? thanks!
some down on my animation but its just my style of doing it
inform me when you start cartooning man


well done!

Hahahaha! I thought it was awesome, man. The story was funny, the characters were funny looking, and the voice acting was good too. What I especially like about this movie is that its a little below 4 minutes long, and the story was good enough for you to keep up with it. Make more like these :D!


Lino responds:

Thank you very much! :D


Great claymation, Lino! It was really funny, and I really don't see how you were copying Knox, but it was still great!

Lino responds:

Thanks, Tech! :D


Man, I've always loved this series. Great plot and everything, dude! I don't trust R.O.B. either, I can't wait to see what you guys plan to do! The one thing I love about this series is how whenever I watch an episode like this where you guys are about to do something, and then it ends to be continued, I always want to watch more and I can't wait for the next episode to come out! Continue on with this, guys, It's my favourite series here on NG!


FarFromSubtle responds:

At least you only have to wait a week for each episode!

Thanks for your support dude!


I'm really happy to see all the new claymations being submitted to newgrounds these days, its really inspiring to see all the effort everybody puts into their films I like this film because not only is it funny, but you seemed to have worked well to make it this good! great job!


dumassstudios responds:

thanks for the reveiw, hey im a fan of you too

quite good!

Very good film! The sound as you said is not very good, the animation was pretty smooth as well. The only thing I suggest you work on or get rid of is the lip syncing. It needs work, but if you got rid of it all together you'd save a helluva lot of time!


mattuiop responds:

I'll improve the next one!

woo :D!

First claymation I've ever seen with my doing a voice! It was awesome! The story was good, and it was very funny!


BlakTornado responds:

Thanks :)

Laugh as much as you breathe, and always love as long as you live.

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