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lol, your name is Wolfgang Hitler. A nice combination, and that movie PWNS j00!!!111one!!!!1!!!!

Heil responds:


yet another awesome one!

"I want you to do a dance!" rofl, totally hilarious! No man should die before learning the funky chicken! I also like the addition of background music at the end!

great one!

Happy Pico day, guys!

pretty cool

Great idea you had for this claymation, the sound could've been just a LITTLE better, and the characters were okay. Overall a pretty decent claymation you got here. Keep it up!


heh, great one!

This one was awesome BlakTornado, the animation was smooth and the voices were perfect! I really need to make my movies as smooth and as awesome as you, your intro music is AWESOME, i got it stuck in my head and end up humming it when i'm walking down the hall! Keep up the great work!


BlakTornado responds:

haha :D

Thanks :D


Good one BlakTornado, the part when the rabbit says "You shouldn't have called me fat" was classic! Keep up the good work!


BlakTornado responds:

Thanks Tech :D

lol, i love this series

This one was freaking awesome, keep em' comin' Dave!

well, you definetly have skill with fbf

All i suggest is you include a preloader and a storyline next time, do that and this would do great.

Glunnator responds:

Yeah, I'm starting to think that too... Nm 7 is becoming more and more detailed and will probably go out of sync without a preloader... I think I'll have to add one... :P

nice! Your best work yet!

I'm being serious, this was fantastic man! The style and smoothness of it all was perfect! If anything, you oughta get an awesome score and front page for this!

Lino responds:

WOW! Thanks for the awsome review, Techflash!

pretty good overall

just a bit boring, but otherwise a funny claymation, Knox!

Laugh as much as you breathe, and always love as long as you live.

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