2009 Submissions

2008 Submissions

Claydays: Christmas Claydays: Christmas Rated Stars Rick and John celebrate Christmas! TechFlash's New Grounds TechFlash's New Grounds Rated Stars Life on Newgrounds through the eyes of a clay animator! Comedy - Parody -Claymotion Christmas- -Claymotion Christmas- Rated Stars The gang is celebrating the birth of Jesus! Other Clayland - Prankster! Clayland - Prankster! Rated Stars Jack the Prankster is on the loose! Comedy - Original Claydays: Alien! Part 2 Claydays: Alien! Part 2 Rated Stars THE EPIC SEQUEL! :P Clayland - Ghost! pt. 2 Clayland - Ghost! pt. 2 Rated Stars The two claymen are finally going to kill that ghost! Hopefully, anyway. Comedy - Original Clayland - Imaginary Clayland - Imaginary Rated Stars Jack wants to prove that Tim's "friend" doesn't exist! Clayland - Ghost! pt. 1 Clayland - Ghost! pt. 1 Rated Stars Two claymen are being chased by a ghost! Or, are they? Clayland - Remote Clayland - Remote Rated Stars Two claymen mess around with a magic remote! Madness Clay Combat Madness Clay Combat Rated Stars Madness comes into a claymation remake! Action Clayground - Ad Absurdity Clayground - Ad Absurdity Rated Stars Clayground 2007 - Ad Absurdity Clayland - Hide 'n Seek Clayland - Hide 'n Seek Rated Stars Griffin and Luke play a game of hide n seek! But things turn into horror when Miles plays! Clayland - Stranded Clayland - Stranded Rated Stars Bob and Steve are stuck below the table! How will they get back up? Clayland - Adventures 2 Clayland - Adventures 2 Rated Stars Bob and Rob get into even more trouble! Adventures in ClayLand Adventures in ClayLand Rated Stars The start of a series of escapades of claymen Bob and Rob! Clayland - Muffins Clayland - Muffins Rated Stars Are the stories true?? Can muffins kill you??? Clayland - Scissors Clayland - Scissors Rated Stars Running with scissors really CAN cause danger! A Short Beating A Short Beating Rated Stars A small insult turns into a huge beating! Clayland - Shuffleboard Clayland - Shuffleboard Rated Stars Two claymen play a little shuffleboard, but it turns into madness! Clayland - Pico 2 Clayland - Pico 2 Rated Stars Pico is invading Clay Land, what will happen this time? Clayland - Killer Clayland - Killer Rated Stars A killer is on the loose! Who will be his next victim? StopMotion Racers! StopMotion Racers! Rated Stars The second installment of the epic series! Clayland - Psychic Steve Clayland - Psychic Steve Rated Stars Steve thinks he's a psychic, but Bob and Jim both know he's faking, and steal his $$$! Clayland - Skateboarding Clayland - Skateboarding Rated Stars Two claymen like skateboarding for fun, but what happens in a real competition?

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