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freaking awesome, dudes!

This series is totally gnarly, dude! Keep them coming, Chet is awesome!

not a bad claymation

The animation itself was pretty smooth, the characters were pretty good. The only thing I suggest you do is animate on a desk or something, it seemed that every frame the floor kept moving. Other than that, nice job!


bd1000 responds:

Yeah,that kinda bothered me,so I will be sure to do that in the future.

not a bad tutorial

pretty good to say the least. You described and stated the properties of claymation well, and made it easy to do for beginners. Nice job!

creeef23 responds:

Thanks for the review, glad you liked it! This means alot comming from TechFlash (you have been mentioned in a few other clay tutorials).

erm, okay

Well, the animation kicked ass in this movie, but I didn't exactly like the plot of this. "Crazy guy shoots people and then commits suicide"? Not a very funny storyline. I realize that Jeff Weise carried out a horrible school shooting and killed and injured many people, but still, he had excellent animation skills.

ha, good one!

I liked this claymation a lot, you seem to be very artistic! I don't blame you for not using a preloader, when I was submitting claymation back in 2005, I also use a program that converts video to flash. But my movies weren't nearly as good as this! The only thing I suggest you do is increase your fps from 10 to 15, it'd look great if it was really smooth!


Doom-Stork responds:

Thanks man. Yeah, I'll definitely make my claymation smoother in the future. Untill resently I could only do 10 fps, but I've figured out how to do more.

pretty nice!

the song is catchy, and the graphics and animation weren't bad either.

[Message for miketv101: if you don't have a real review to write then shut up]


great one BlakTornado. It was real smooth, funny too. Keep em' comin'!

P.S. check out StopMotion Racers 2 if you haven't already.

BlakTornado responds:

I saw it :D It was great!

Thanks for your review!

woot! New, Knox claymation!!

Awesome, and a total Knoxish ending too! I'm also glad to see Doctor Bob and Pick back too, as well as a new colored clayman (about time!). The only thing I'd like to see you do is improve the lighting a little bit, it was a little dark.


I loved it, totally hilarious. Really great quality as well, you rock!

P.S. What animation program and camera did you use? That was really proffesional looking!

BlakTornado responds:

I use Stop Motion Pro v5 Junior edition (only one I could afford!) and a Samsung VP-D362 camcorder (I think).

Thanks for the great review :)

heheh, random.

Pretty good for a tablet animation! You don't normally see this kind of work on Newgrounds anymore, I'd do some of it if I wanted, but i'm more into clay animation myself. But anyway, great job!


Flashmaster responds:

Hey, thanks for the review! I'm glad you like it! :]

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