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Great physics of when Mario jumps too, it looks more realistic! Great sound as well, NICKELBACK ROCKS!

Wurmy responds:

My sister wanted me to put Nickelback in there, so I did :P Glad you liked it.

not too shabby

not much of a storyline, but very smooth and artistic! Keep these comin'!

RIP Logan

Loved this flash, not just because of the flash, but also because of the song. Logan was a musical genious, I know because I was a big fan of his work. Excellent flash work.

May Logan's soul rest within all of us.


XxwaSSupxX responds:

Yeah, he was a very great person... I just wish he didnt have to go so soon. I want some more of his great music. I'm glad to hear though, the one album he was working on is still going to come out.

Holy shit! Talk about unexpected!

I just remembered Wii just launched in Europe! Nice stop-motion by the way, even though the wiimote in this movie kinda looked like a dick XD. Tell me when you get a new mic, I could use you in one of my movies some time.


P.S. Be on the lookout for my Xmas special!

SoniKaoS responds:

Heh, thanks!

pretty good!

Your Phyn movies are a hell of a lot better than this, but I can see why ;). But still, this is better than all my old movies made in 2005.

Nice job!

PhynStudios responds:

Im quite happy people are saying they like my Phyn movies better, it makes me think that i've improved, and that im slightly known on this site.
Thanks for the review :D

a hell of a lot better than my first claymation

My first claymations were never as good as this, I also like the name, GREEN THE PLASTICENE. Sounds like it could have it's own theme song, GREEN, GREEN THE PLASTICENE!

BlakTornado responds:

lol :P Its a shame I stopped doing Green for "Clayground"... But Green will always be my special little guy ;)

not the worst i've seen

I gotta admit this is not the best, but it is not the worst i've seen either. Quality could have been better, it kinda looks like you just used a camera phone, took pictures, and then compiled them together in flash. But overall, not that bad at all.

your best work yet Hans!

Totally hilarious! I laughed so hard when the little guys kept making copies out of themselves, that all the Coke I was drinking came spurting out of my nose! KEEP IT UP, MAN!


very well thought out!

I thought this claymation was pretty damn good! I also liked the first one, but this one had better animation, and graphics, and a better storyline! Great job!

Homeless responds:

thank you. Episode 3 should come out in November!


That was great for a first animation! My first animation sucked ass, which is why i switched to claymation ;). Keep 'em comin' dude!

Laugh as much as you breathe, and always love as long as you live.

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