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pretty good overall

Its a pretty good tutorial overall for pointing out the bare basics of claymation. Now, something that would make it better would probably be some links to the software and stuff you pointed out. As I recall, you did not state the name of the program you use (Anasazi is the name, for all those wondering). But above all, its a pretty decent tutorial for claymation and I hope it doesn't get blammed :).


loved it

It was smooth, very very funny, and definitely worth watching. Ricky the Rock is now my favorite character in your series :D. 5/5


quite good!

Very good film! The sound as you said is not very good, the animation was pretty smooth as well. The only thing I suggest you work on or get rid of is the lip syncing. It needs work, but if you got rid of it all together you'd save a helluva lot of time!


mattuiop responds:

I'll improve the next one!

You know...

Very rarely do I cry during a movie, let alone a flash movie, but this just touched me. Words cannot express how this film truly is, It is pure magic. It deserves more than Daily Feature, it deserves MUCH more. You are one of the greatest, most talented flash animators I have ever witnessed in all my years of coming to Newgrounds.


woo :D!

First claymation I've ever seen with my doing a voice! It was awesome! The story was good, and it was very funny!


BlakTornado responds:

Thanks :)


Quite astonishing for an animator of your age. I wouldn't have been able to do any better at your age! It was very artistic and showed a line of creativity within it! Great job!


bd1000 responds:

Thanks! :D


Even though it was short, the humor in it is still classic (like my review)


lmao, good stuff!

The parts where the creature craps on the guy are probably some of the funniest! Great compilation :D!

mattuiop responds:


fairly good!

Personally, I liked it. And would you mind taking me off as co-author? I don't want credit or to be noted for something I wasn't a part of. Thanks!


mattuiop responds:

well ok.
i only did it so i can get populer!
im not populer!

awesome, alex!

great plot, good characters, awesome animation, but I still can't see why you didn't win. Damn judges must be blind! Keep up the good work!

P.S. Come check out my new movie too, it's the first one made with my new camcorder!

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