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Good fun.

Too bad the shitheads at Fox News didn't see the good in this game.

Nice work here. I kinda miss the acid though, but I like the improvement in guns and even a chainsaw!

nice little game

Very addictive and fun to play! It was a little hard but thats okay because I got better and better each time i played, overall nice job!


Your profile says your 7 years old..... you don't belong here, little girl.

great game, Dave!

Incredibly addictive, this deserves an award for Rock Out!

probably the best game i've ever played

That was so creative, dude! You actually hold the keyboard just like a guitar! I couldn't have made a better game than this! I can guaruntee this will win an award in the Rock Out contest!

a VERY well made game

I'm not saying that the game being based off of killing students at Virginia Tech is a good thing, I am saying however that this game was pretty fun to play. The graphics reminded me of old NES games I used to play (those rocked!), the animation in the game was pretty good, the sound was pretty nice (i like 90s music), a LOT of violence and gore, however it wasn't very humorous to me.

I am not very fond of playing as the killer at V-tech, but you have a VERY good talent of making games, my friend! Keep up the good work!


great tut!

Awesome tutorial dude, i've been wanting to know how to do these great movies. I myself am a fan of your handmations! Keep up the excellent work.

not too shabby

pretty addictive. I remember when I was 12 and was attempting to make flash games, i sucked. This game was pretty fun, the graphics could use some work though. Happy creating!


Yet another great James the Zebra game!

One helluva game, keep em comin!

Awesome game!

I simply love your guys' work, it totally rocks! And just so you guys know, the Gamecube Smashfest thing on your site doesn't seem to work, try and get that fixed, I want to check it out!


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