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2008-11-22 13:33:46 by TechFlash

OH MY GOD, TECHY'S DEAD! No I'm not, I've just had a fuckload of work to do outside of NG and the internet in general. High school is nuts in the first semester freshman year, I've had to focus on school more than I have you guys. I'm sowy :(


Not much has happened lately, as I have been switching computers out and about and I'm still trying to get used to it. Hopefully I'll start on a new film soon, I just want to start practicing more flash stuff before I go back to clay.


I recently applied for a free wacom in the giveaway Tom is doing. I've been trying to afford one for a while but ever since the economy fucked up my Dad has had to switch between jobs left and right, and we've had to make a ton of cutbacks. If I were to get a wacom you guys would all see a bunch more flash stuff from me, and I think I'd be making movies nearly every week. Lets just keep our fingers crossed!

And thats about it. Again, I'll get back to movie making soon, but I really want to practice more in flash before I start clay again. Wish me luck on the wacom :D


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2008-11-30 00:33:41

Me mades moar movehs.


2008-11-30 14:37:04

ATOMICCLOUD-I wish for luck
FAIRY-Hello! i give you luck!
ATOMICCLOUD-yay! Luck for Tech!
FAIRY-No, sorry, YOU wished for that luck. You can't give it to anyone else.
ATOMICCLOUD-............ D:<
FAIRY-Hey, where'd you get that gun.....NO.....PLEASE.....NOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!
ATOMICCLOUD-Now i have luck for EVERYONE. Except for the fairy.......


2008-12-03 11:47:21

well im sort of in the same persision! :D
iv been tryin out some flash techniks and im making rpg games now!
still into claymation, but just since i cant be bothered and times, even though i get only 3 pieces a week now im in year 9 (13 - 14 don't what you calld it in america!)

my best addvise is assoon as you get home from school, do all homework constanty till its done themm free time!!!!!!!!! XD

Hope you found this helpful!

PS: hope you don't mide about the collaboration for sponsership with the I C C collab!!!


2008-12-16 15:54:47