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2007-12-27 15:30:20 by TechFlash

I got an iPod nano for Christmas!

I recently saw that Tom listed the people who he was giving away tablets to. At first I thought, "Damn! I should've PMed him about it before. It would've really helped me with my graphics designing." But eh, its fine. An idea struck my funny bone, and I thought it might be cool. What if instead of giving away Tablets to artists who need them, he gave away MiniDV camcorders to the film makers on NG who needed them. I read that Tom only gave away 14 tablets to 14 artists, but each tablet cost a little over $300, same for camcorders as well. I know its pretty unlikely to happen, but hey, its sounds fun, doesn't it?

TechFlash's New Grounds!

2007-12-23 12:11:40 by TechFlash
there it is! I spent all day yesterday working my ass off on it, thank you Saturdays! Please vote fairly and leave a nice review :D!

My New Grounds...

2007-12-22 13:33:00 by TechFlash

Obviously everyone has seen it, right? Well, I was thinking I'd make one too! They look fun to make, and there aren't any claymators that have made one yet, so why not?

New Movie!!

2007-12-16 14:14:57 by TechFlash

Claymotion Christmas! Enjoy, vote 5, and recommend for Christmas 2007 collection :D!

Animation coming along nicely!

2007-12-15 13:31:49 by TechFlash

I already got over 30 seconds worth of animation for Claymotion Christmas. Which is pretty good for me seeing as though Claymotion Minutes are 20 FPS. It'll be out by next week I'm sure of it :D.

Sorry for my laziness xD

2007-12-09 22:23:57 by TechFlash

I apologize for my laziness with claymation and stuff 'round here, usually I have to see a claymation I find inspiring to get back up on my feet. Lino recently made me an AWESOME intro which I will, from now on, be using in ALL of my films except Claymotion Minutes. Anyway, my Christmas special, "Claymotion Christmas" will most likely be released a few days before Christmas day. Either then, or maybe in a week or so, depending on how long it will take me to animate.

new movie!

2007-11-21 23:35:29 by TechFlash

and I deleted it, it'll be out on Saturday instead.

Yeah, I know, weird thing to say but I've decided to stick with using human claymen. I've used them throughout 2007 and halfway through 2006, I couldn't let them go. I'd feel too bad about replacing them. My claymen are staying :). But the lip syncing is still gone xD.

A consideration of mine

2007-11-04 10:41:07 by TechFlash

Well, It's finally my birthday :D!! A whole 'nother year of making claymations, and I am making a consideration. I'm considering using different characters than humans. Here's why: humans are extremely hard to make, thats why I have to reuse them over and over again. They're also a bitch to animate, they're really tall and it's hard to imagine a human without a mouth :P. So now this consideration is being taken into place, keep in mind there is a better chance of me stopping using humans than there is of me staying with human claymen. But aside from all that, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!